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FunKey Piano Project

FunKey Team
FunKey Project was founded in 2018 by Dr. Daria Rabotkina for the local community. Piano lessons are open to students in grades K-12. 
The presence of COVID-19 has forced changes on every level of our daily lives, yet it could not STOP the music for our children. FunKey Piano Project will be continued throughout the spring semester. All lessons and activities will be offered ONLINE via Zoom platform unless otherwise instructed by the university.
Registration for the spring semester is now open until January 20, 2021. For remote instruction in Spring 2021 only: a 25% discount will be applied to the spring tuition charges. Ten, 30-minute lessons are offered for $112.

Students receive piano training on a weekly basis during the Fall and Spring semesters. The schedule corresponds with the academic calendar at Texas State University. Each semester consists of 10 private piano lessons. 

Lessons are scheduled individually with the assigned private teacher. Weekly lessons are taught by the members of keyboard faculty and piano majors at Texas State. The students are matched with a piano teacher by their level and personality. Piano majors are supervised by the Texas State faculty members and are eager to share their enthusiasm and love for piano education with the students of FunKey Piano Project.

The FunKey Project concludes each semester with an evaluation and a formal performance, where all families are welcome to celebrate music and their child’s efforts! In Spring 2021, the recital and the evaluation will be held remotely via Zoom application.

FunKey Memories

Maddie, Autumn
Mandy, Irabati
Mandy, Camila, Irabati
FunKey Team